Evening Rant

Let’s take a moment and reflect on how much of a ball dropper I am…

Okay, the moment is over! Let’s get to the music!

This is sort of a spur of the moment post; there are a couple of things that I want to talk about and since I haven’t released another Podcast yet, I needed to get it out another way.

First things first… ARIANA GRANDE is out here being a fucking QUEEN, releasing 3 singles that range from super emotional to “bitch, I’m the best” in minutes, giving you ALL the girl power feels.

The excitement I have for her album to come out is indescribable.

Plus, she and her man Pete are GOALS. So goddamn cute. I know that has nothing to do with music, but I love to admire them…

img_2764And the way that he supports her in everything that she does (and obviously vice-versa) is inspiring. Every man should have a little Pete Davidson in them.

Anyway, before I get too carried away, every song shows off just how much of a powerhouse Ariana is. I mean, one second you think she’s done all she can do and then BAM! she gives us more than we expected, every time.

And lately, she’s definitely been coming out of her shell more and it’s honestly refreshing, seeing her grow into this bombshell of a woman.

Surviving one of the most horrific concert incidents, getting through a toxic relationship, dealing with the public up her ass 24/7, and still managing to make badass tunes that make me feel like I could kick someone’s ass (shout out to all musicians who go through crazy shit,  I don’t know how y’all do it). She’s one of a fucking kind.

Check out the videos!


Demi Lovato fired shots with a heartbreaking round that left us wounded, sobbing and begging for more, but in all honesty, I always beg for more when it comes to DemiShe is the kind of woman who I aspire to be; strong, confident, talented, amazing, and every other positive adjective in the world… (I might have a slight girl crush on her…maybe more than slight).

And she makes mistakes just like the rest of us, only she might be slightly better at admitting when she makes them. I know I couldn’t tell the world that I broke my sobriety. But that made me love her even more.fullsizeoutput_1053

I know it’s a couple of weeks old now, but I still can’t get over it. I listen to it once or twice a day.

When I play Sober, I feel like I need to pull over on the side of the road so that I can bawl my eyes out. It’s POWERFUL. It’s one of her best songs and it’s one of my favorite songs so far this year…


Yesterday she was taken to the hospital for an alleged overdose (who knows what the truth is) and if it’s true, it makes the song a little harder to listen to. She is struggling with something that so many people struggle with and she’s still able to do all of the things that she accomplishes… Unbelievable. She kicked ass on her tour and with that same vibe, she blew away the studio with this compelling, passionate single that I can’t seem to get enough of. I hope you feel the same way or I hope you at least like it.

She could use all of the support she can get right now ❤ Positive thoughts to her and her family.

There’s no Official Video yet, but here are the lyrics!


Okay, so, I have an unhealthy obsession with Wiz Khalifa and I don’t know if it stems from the fact that he’s my stoner spirit animal or if I just really, really love his music…

Honestly, I wanna say both. So we’re gonna go with both.

Anyway, his new album Rolling Papers II came out Friday the 13th and it’s a banger. It’s the album of the year for me right now. I also low-key find it dope that that’s when he chose to release it.

I’ve had the album on repeat since the minute I downloaded it and I couldn’t be more pleased. He is the man. I don’t know what it is about him, but if I ever got the chance to look him in the eyes, I think I might pass out. I would then recover quickly so that I could smoke a blunt with him…. while RPII played. Or is that too much?

Whatever, I’d be smoking with Wiz Fucking Khalifa, I could afford to be extra.

Rolling Papers 2 offers ample music for die-hard Wiz fans to absorb, but honestly, the sheer volume is overwhelming and unfortunately, that’s not my only negative thought. I love, love, love the formula he uses when creating music for us, I mean, the man gives us stoner party anthems periodically peppered with a slight heartwarming touch. But the simple pleasures of weed, women, and gin begin to get stale after a while.

Either way, overall the album is awesome and I’m not afraid to admit that. I’d suggest listening to the whole thing and listening to it again if you think you don’t like it the first time.


I wrote an article once about a Pop Boy Band and I told myself that I wouldn’t do it again because it’s not really my thing, but on Apple Music, I was looking at the 100 hits and I found a song that I instantly downloaded because I wanted to hear it again. They’re a boy band… their name is Why Don’t We, the song is called Walk annnnnddd I low-key dig it.

I suppose I like them a little more than low-key since I’m putting them on my blog, but you know what? I’m totally okay with that. Plus, ladies, they’re not that bad looking. A little young for me, but I’m sure there’s plenty of cougars out there.

Check it out!

OOOOOOOOOO, and while I’m thinking about it;


Shout out to Noah Cyrus, that girl is really killing it these days.
maxresdefault.jpgDefinitely has some Miley in her, definitely making a name for herself with her own uniqueness though.

She’s doing her family proud and in the end, that’s all that matters, her family and her fans. Her fans certainly love her and you know what, I’m right there with them. She is crazy rad and I must say that I am extremely jealous of her style… I only dream of being that cool and looking that good.

Seriously though, check out her music!

Her latest song Lately is a gem. There’s no video, but you can enjoy the audio! I know I do.

Well, that’s my rant for the day! Thanks for giving a rats ass! I promise I’ll have something new and exciting soon!

Stay rad, babes ❤

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