Rocked it Out of the Park!

Whattup, dudes?! I’ve got something brand spanking new for you!

If you’re a regular reader, you may recognize this awesome band from the article I wrote about them back in 2016 (“Small Town, Big Sound” – and if you haven’t read that one, you should!). There have been quite a few changes since then, but changes that only made them significantly better (even though it seems impossible to get better when you already fucking rock).

Afraid of Human released a full length, self-titled album and it is unbelievable. Un. Be. Lieve. Able. I waited very patiently and very excitedly for its release, I was not disappointed at all and you won’t be either.

Okay, so, I was going to attempt a rating system… However, giving all of the songs 10/10 seemed like I would be going a tad overboard, so I figured I would skip that. I also skipped the part where I describe in detail how I feel about each of the songs individually, because let’s face it, that’s an incredibly difficult task and asking for a lot. I can’t even decide which song is my favorite! I’d think I had one picked and then the next song would start, making me rethink my previous decision – I could’ve argued with myself all weekend over it.

Anyway! Here’s the list of songs:


Going forward with the review, each song deserves the highest of praises; I mean, the entire album is endlessly-playable from beginning to end, you’ll never want to shut it off. My ears begged for more after my first go-around with playing all 11 songs and that was it for me, I had it on repeat for hours. Honestly, it’s an album to get lost in. With this addictive sound, Afraid of Human has easily surpassed the complexity and rawness of the EP they released in 2016.

The lead singer has the voice of a rock angel, I could listen to him sing for the rest of my life (among many others). When you hit play, I suggest using headphones and sitting somewhere with your eyes closed. You can almost feel the emotions that he’s expressing through the lyrics, bringing every single word to life. Then you’ve got the instruments and their fearless leaders, effortlessly playing chords from their souls. There’s power, there’s pleasure, there’s sweat, there’s passion, and there’s a wholly unique venture through every beat. It’s an instant/soon-to-be classic that rock ‘n’ roll needed. 🤘🏻

So far, it’s the most intriguing album of 2018 and the bar has been raised, the suspense of what they’ll do next is killing me. 10/10, will listen to again. And again. And again.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend that you get this album right now on whatever platform you can get to the fastest. Seriously, stop reading and go download that shit!

Until next time; Stay rad, babes ❤

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