Re-Rising from the Ashes

A little over a year ago I wrote an article about a band called The Phoenix Bridge and to my dismay they disbanded quite some time ago. But don’t worry, we were not left in the dust! From the ashes of the PB ruins, something new was born. Something that you’re going to want to take a look at ASAP.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give yoooouuuuuu:


Patrick Leaver – lead vocals & guitar, Tim Biever – drums & backing vocals, and Matthew Leaver – bass guitar and backing vocals.

Patrick and Matt Leaver (brothers! and fabulous gentleman) have been through hell and back trying to share their passion for music with the world, but nothing comes close to this band and the album they’ve recently released. If I could wear a million hats and tip them all at once, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Loud, Dirty Things is downright wicked. This is an album you can listen to at any given time; while you’re sad, angry, confused, when you need a quick pick-me-up, or when you’re just trying to relax. This is an album that makes the rock genre proud.

Throughout the process of this article I got to talk to Patrick and he provided me with his meanings for each of the songs. I wanted to be able to be in his head as much as I could when it came to this. It’s nice to know the real meanings of the lyrics after I’ve interpreted them for myself. I’d like to say that I got pretty close on this one, I could feel each one.

  1. PrimalThis Song is basically about a change in nature when introduced to a hostile environment. It’s describing a situation where all previous sense and sensibility yield to a primal nature in order to survive. In short, we are who and what we surround ourselves with.
  2. Welcome to Philadelphia – This is just a rock anthem for Philadelphia. I just wanted to write something fun and commercial.I love this song. It’s so simple, but there’s still so much that went into it. Plus, Philly fucking rocks.
  3. Slave 2 the Grind – A lot of Tantra’s themes are sexual in nature on this first album. A lot of our newer work is probably going to be more intellectually charged, but here it’s all about seduction. It’s a double entendre from working like a slave to the everyday grind, but meaning something sexual. The title using the number 2 instead of the word is a tribute to Prince, whose song “Darling Nikki” inspired this track.This song is so dirty, I dig it so much. Filth always makes things better *wink wink*.
  4. Again – This one was a very personal one for me. It’s about trying to live with failure, whether it’s a failed relationship or a failed goal or dream or something that cut you down to Earth and then getting back up and swearing it will never happen again.OH GOSH THE GUITAR TOWARDS THE END OF THE SONG WAS STELLAR! The first time I heard it, I swear my eyes got wide and I was just so in love with how it sounded. So awesome.
  5. Mr. Fixer – Basically Tantra’s version of “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix; it’s about someone who hears about his lover cheating on him, and then has a sociopathic alter ego named Mr. Fixer that carries out violent revenge.I LOVE that this song is their version of “Hey Joe”, that is such a great song and so is this one. As someone that’s terrified of being cheated on (as most people are), I can understand the impulse to want to commit acts of rage if you have gone through it.
  6. Superstar* – This is a new version of a Phoenix Bridge track. We wanted to bridge the gap (no pun intended) between that era and the current one. It was sort of my way of leaving the old stuff behind, but not forgetting it happened. It’s about a God complex when you let fame and talent, and power go to your head and you think you are invincible.

    This was actually my favorite TPB song, but I have to say it’s so much better on this album. I’ve included the link to both versions, see for yourself which one you think is the best (even though I can already tell you which on you’re going to choose). The fun I had with this song was playing the two versions at the same time, I felt like I was going through a trip. It was crazy, but it helped me hear most of the differences.I think it might actually still be my favorite song.


  7. Freak Me – This one was also heavily influenced by old Prince songs. Matt came up with the bass and we wrote everything else around it. It’s a sexual track about a girl who is essentially a freak in bed. There’s themes of a three way in there too. But basically, at its core, it’s just a fun sex song. 

    Would it be too weird if I were to admit that I can relate to this song? Yeah? Alright, well just pretend I didn’t say that. This really is a fun song, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve already listened to it so often that I can sing almost the entire song without it being played. It gets stuck in my head all the time. “Let me do you in the trees where all the animals can see” – amazing. Absolutely filthy and freak level extraordinaire.

  8. Croweater – This one was also a personal one. This one is similar to ‘Again’. It’s about finding your way back to the top after hitting rock bottom. It’s supposed to evoke the long, emotional climb and the toll it takes on someone to grow out of a dark place. Because the pain of eating crow and eating your words is the toughest pill to swallow.
    I’m a sucker for slow songs and this one got me. It got me good. For the past few
    months I’ve been in a really gnarly slump and it hits home when I hear a song that cuts me to the core, a song that helps me understand the way I’m feeling. And Pat’s voice is the perfect combination of soothing and powerful.
  9. Dragons – This one tells a medieval story about a man whose wife and family, as well as most of his village was burned down by a dragon’s fire, so he rallies people to his cause to fight the dragon for revenge.
  10. Planet Funeral – This one is about survivor’s guilt. It’s about a man who crash lands on a desolate planet; a crash that kills everyone aboard his ship except for him. With no crew and no ship, he has to come to grips with the planet that is to become his tomb and coming to terms with the fact that he’s the only one left. Like, “why me?” Like “why am I so lucky if it all goes away eventually, anyway?

As you can see, I didn’t write a blurb for all of them. Why? It’s hard to accurately describe the way I feel about the album as a whole, let alone each song individually. I don’t have a least favorite song for once, I honestly could not find a single song that I disliked less than the rest of them. They were all cleverly-written, the sound was incredibly satisfying, and all around everything was sublime.

I mean they have created an album that is transcendent and profoundly classic, it’s something I want to pull out in twenty years to show my kid(s) what real music is. What real rock n’ roll is.

I’ll tell them that rock n’ roll is a lifestyle, an attitude, a rebellion, and an outlet. Rock N’ Roll takes no prisoners. Just like this album! I loved it the second it started playing and I know you guys must think that I’m easy to please by now, but I promise I’m not. When it comes to reviewing music, I sit down and keep my mind open as much as possible. Everyone is different; everyone portrays their feelings in a different way, everyone creates sound in a completely different way.

However, there are definitely times where some people rock more than others. And this band, this band rocks way more than others. I am so proud to know these men personally and I am so honored to be able to share my love for them with all of you.

Rock on, fellas. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.

As always, stay rad, babes ❤


You know the drill, check out their stuff:

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